Godox Umbrella Octagon Softbox

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Godox Umbrella Octagon Softbox


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The Umbrella made of high-density nylon material and Double metal frame. The Honeycomb Grid made of black special fabric with honeycomb-style design.
The Umbrella Softbox is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use, easy to carry. The light diffusion surface diameter has a wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography.
Professional reflective fabric with precise color temperature is tailored elaborately, hard skeleton provides enough support for softbox. Two layers of light soft cloth can make light more even, gentle, exquisite, suitable for many kinds of studio flash shooting.
The Honeycomb Grid with Velcro sewn around the sides, can be respectively fastened to the inner side of the umbrella softbox. The Octagon (soft grid) alter the existing light source into its unique shape and intensity to fit challenging light requirements. Suitable for special portraits or products shooting, resulting in a different light and dark raster effect.

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80cm, 95cm, 105cm, 120cm

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